Office Order

  1. Action to be Taken on Item No. 20.15 of 20th meeting of the Senate held on 15.01.2018
  2. Hospital/Ultrasound Centre re-impanelled dated 16-03-2018
  3. Office Order .Reg.No.SLIET/Admn/2239-48 Regarding Anti Ragging for the academic year 2017-2018
  4. Guideline on Air Travel On Official Tours-Purchase of Air Tickets from authorised Agent-Reg
  5. Hospital/Ultrasound Centre re-impanelled upto 30-11-2017 (Letter No. 5500-5503 dt. 18.01.17)
  6. Holiday Institute’s Calendar 2017
  7. Office Order No.SLIET/REG/16/866 dated 30.05.2016
  8. Stoppage of Sitting Fee amount to the officials of Ministry/attached Institutions dated-17-2016
  9. Grievance Redressal Committe Office Order
  10. Institute’s Calendar 2016
  11. Office Order for Biometric Attendance System-2
  12. Office Order for Biometric Attendance System-1
  13. Office Order regarding empenalment of Chandigarh Heart Centre, Sangrur
  14. Office Order regarding empanellment of Hospitals/Ultrasound Centre for SLIET Employees.
  15. MHRD letter dated 01 Aug 2012 regarding submission of Annual Property Return
  16. DOPT Notification dated 09 May 2011 regarding Rule 18 of CCS (Conduct) Rule 1964
  17. Recognition of Services Asociations Rules