Office Order


  1. Dr. Dhiraj Sud, Professor (Chemistry) assigned additional duties of Head, Department of Chemistry
  2. Head, Department of Civil Engineering will be looked after by Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  3. CPDA expenditure in three year block
  4. Partial Modification in Sports Management Committee Order
  5. Sports Management Committee 
  6. Dr. A.S. Dhaliwal, Professor(Physics) assigned additional duties of Dean (R&C)
  7. Dr. P.S. Panesar, Professor(FET) assigned additional duties of  Dean (P&D)
  8. Corrigendum-      Withdrawn the promotion through DPC for the post of Deputy Registrar
  9. Withdrawn the promotion through DPC for the post of Deputy Registrar
  10. Reimbursement of expense on Newspaper for Group ‘A’ Officers
  11. Reimbursement of various expenses to the Group A Officers
  12. Dr. J.S. Dhillon, Professor(EIE) as a Dean(Faculty & Staff Welfare) has been extended for one year
  13. Dr. Avinash Thakur, Professor(Chemical Engg.) the period of Headship Extended for One year
  14. Dr. Kulwant Singh, Professor(Mech. Engg.) assigned additional duties of Head(Workshop)
  15. Dr. A.S.K. Sinha, Associate Professor(Chemical Engg.) assigned the additional duties of Chairman, SLIET Gas Agency
  16. Gender Budget Cell
  17. Scope of work of Internal Audit Cell
  18. Dr. V.K. Kukreja, Professor(Maths) is nominated as Head (Mathematics)
  19. Dr. Amrik Singh, Associate Professor (ME) nominated as  Head(Workshop)
  20. Dr. Amrik Singh, Associate Professor (ME) regarding relieved from Additional Duty of Associate Dean (P&D)
  21. Ref No. SLIET/ REG/10235 dated 18.08.2020
  22. Shri MahanaKrishan C, Deputy Registrar assigned additional duties of Central Public Information Officer
  23. Dr. Ravi Kant Mishra, Professor(Mathematics), as Head(T&P) has been extended till further order
  24. Health Centre Management Committee dated 10.08.2020
  25. Reagrding regarding taking any type of Leave dated 27.07.2020
  26. Mr. Harjit Singh, Assistant Registrar as a Section Head (Store & Purchase)
  27. Joining of Mr. Harmesh Singh, Assistant Registrar
  28. Services rendered by Dr. Navdeep Jindal, Associate Professor(FET), as Deputy Registrar
  29. Dr. Anupma Marwaha, Professor, ECE, assigned additional duties of Chairperson, Health Centre.
  30. Tenure of Dr. R.k. Saxena & Dr. Navdeep Jindal as Associate Dean has been Extended for a period of One Year
  31. Dr. Surinder Singh, Professor (ECE) assigned Additional Duty of HOD 
  32. Dr. A.S. Arora, Professor(EIE) as Dean (Academics) has been  Extended till Further Order
  33. Empanelment of Hospitals/Ultrasound Centres Extended upto 30.11.2020
  34. Joining of Estate Officer Mr. Prabhdeep Singh
  35. Timings of the Consultant (Homeopathy)  Office Order no. SLIET/Admn/8271-79 dated 09.06.2020
  36. Notification No.SLIET/REG/7254-56 dated 08.05.2020
  37. Dean(R&C) assigned Additional charge of Dean(P&D)
  38. Dr. Manminder Singh, AP(CSE) part of Core Committee of the TEQIP-III Project
  39. Dr. Raj Kumar Garg, Associate Professor (EIE), assigned additional duties of Faculty In-charge (Electrical)
  40. Dr. Vinod Kumar Verma, Assistant Professor, Nodal Officer upload information on National Web Portal
  41. Joining of Registrar Sh. Ravinder Kumar
  42. Transfer order of Staff (04/12/2019)
  43. Joining of Assistant Registrar Sh. Pankaj
  44. SLIET Holidays Calendar 2020
  45. CPDA Guidelines under Contingency Head (2018-21)
  46. Circular- Action points on procurement of products available on Government-e-Market(GeM)
  47. Circular regarding Phasing out single use plastic
  48. Voluntary Retirement Scheme
  49. Handover the complete charge of Deputy Registrar (Administration)
  50. Joining of Deputy Registrar Sh. Mohanakrishnam C.
  51. Sh. Jawala Singh, AAO assigned the additional duties of Deputy Registrar(A&A)
  52. Dr. Avinash Thakur, Associate Professor(Chem) assigned additional duties of Estate Officer
  53. Co-ordinator, Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET)
  54. CAS Preliminary Screening Committee (Level-2) Recommendations
  55. Revised Honorarium to conduct Laboratory experiments at SLIET (Institution of Engineers)
  56. Sh. Asim Ali Khan, Associate Professor (EIE), Nodal Officer (EPF)
  57. Dr. R.K. Mishra, Professor as Head, T&P extended for period of one year
  58. Dr. P.S. Panesar, Professor(FET) assigned additional duties of Dean(R&C)
  59. Office-Order for additional duties of TPO
  60. Dr. Major Singh, ASP(CSE) assigned duties of Chairman, Central Time Table Committee
  61. Nominated as Social Media Champion
  62. HOD Department of Disabilities Studies
  63. Self Appraisal Proforma Regarding       —–Proforma —         — Guideline
  64. SLIET/ADMIN/1877-84 dated 03/07/2019
  65. Senior Professor Scale – Regarding
  66. Missing Items in Incidence of May 06,2013
  67. Associate Dean(P&D) Dy.Registrar(S&P)
  68. Student Member for One Year in Internal Complaints Committee(ICC)
  69. Dr. Pardeep Kumar Jain, Professor assigned duties of PIO
  70. Associate Dean – regarding  23/05/2019
  71. Hospitals/Ultrasound Centres Re-empanelled for one year w.e.f 16.03.2019
  72. Children Education Allowance/hostel Subsidy
  73. Office order– Mr. Naveen Kumar Kaushley resignation
  74. Circular REG/19/105 dated 05.04.02019
  75. Promotion under CAS last date extended
  76. Corringendum — Cumulative Professional Development Allowance (CPDA)
  77. Office Order DDS HOD-regarding
  78. Office Order – Chairman BOM SLIET
  79. Cumulative Professional Development Allowance (CPDA) Guidelines and Forms (2018-21)
  80. Last Date Extended for CAS Application upto 31 January 2019
  81. SLIET Holiday Calendar 2019
  82. Promotion under CAS Office Order No. SLIET/Admn./18/4331-34 dated 06.12.2018
  83. Over Time Allowances for Operation Staff
  84. Honorarium for Deans, Chief Warden, Warden
  85. Nodal Officer, Anti Ragging for the Academic Year 2018-2019
  86. Authorities Appointed under RTI Act  07-08-2018
  87. Authorities Appointed under RTI Act    23-07-2018
  88. Guidelines to be followed for holding of Conferences/Workshops/Seminars, etc (Domestic & International)
  89. Action to be Taken on Item No. 20.15 of 20th meeting of the Senate held on 15.01.2018
  90. Hospital/Ultrasound Centre re-impanelled dated 16-03-2018
  91. Office Order .Reg.No.SLIET/Admn/2239-48 Regarding Anti Ragging for the academic year 2017-2018
  92. Guideline on Air Travel On Official Tours-Purchase of Air Tickets from authorised Agent-Reg
  93. Hospital/Ultrasound Centre re-impanelled upto 30-11-2017 (Letter No. 5500-5503 dt. 18.01.17)
  94. Holiday Institute’s Calendar 2017
  95. Office Order No.SLIET/REG/16/866 dated 30.05.2016
  96. Stoppage of Sitting Fee amount to the officials of Ministry/attached Institutions dated-17-2016
  97. Grievance Redressal Committe Office Order
  98. Institute’s Calendar 2016
  99. Office Order for Biometric Attendance System-2
  100. Office Order for Biometric Attendance System-1
  101. Office Order regarding empenalment of Chandigarh Heart Centre, Sangrur
  102. Office Order regarding empanellment of Hospitals/Ultrasound Centre for SLIET Employees.
  103. MHRD letter dated 01 Aug 2012 regarding submission of Annual Property Return
  104. DOPT Notification dated 09 May 2011 regarding Rule 18 of CCS (Conduct) Rule 1964
  105. Recognition of Services Asociations Rules