Dr. Mani Kant Paswan

Director, SLIET Longowal



Greetings from Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Longowal. Since its inception in 1989, the institute has been creating an ambience that endeavours to nurture innovation, creativity and excellence amongst its faculty, staff, and students. Situated far away from the cut throat hustle and bustle of the cities, sprawled over 451 acres of lush green environs, the institute with its well planned architectonics offers an amalgamation of serenity, efficacious pedagogy and a utopian milieu.

Serving diligently, the academia of this pioneer technical institute of the region, has always aspired to accomplish the goals set by its founders. The well qualified faculty and staff are persistently making efforts to metamorphose the new entrants into globally competent human beings. The institute caters to the needs of students from all over the country especially those from rural and humble backgrounds and helps them to become the intelligentsia with practical knowledge, life skills, upright values and positive attitude. At present, SLIETians are on the path of fostering global standards of education and effective implementation of the values and vision of National Education Policy 2020.

Recently, I have been given the official charge of leading this prestigious institute. With laurels come the responsibilities and I feel privileged to join the institute at this important juncture of its progress. With a keen desire to enhance the transition of the students, I commit myself to work for the transformation of young minds into competent, visionary intellectuals, scientists and technocrats of tomorrow. For this, I seek the support and cooperation of all the stakeholders. I am fully aware that the path is full of stumbling blocks yet whatever the challenges, I am sure that we, the SLIETians, will progress with aplomb and accomplish the highest heights. We will continue to make strives to evolve and attain the desired goals.

Prof. Mani Kant Paswan

Director, SLIET