Procurement under PAC/Single Tender

Waters India (PAC) Chemical deptt

Supply of sample pans & covers of DSC

Anton Paar (PAC) Chemistry dept

Verder Scientific (PAC) Order Food Engg. & Technology

PAC – Repair Micro Plasma Welding Machine and replacement EWM Micro plasma Torch Complete Set of – Mechanical Engineering Department

Supply of “Load Cell 25 kN” for Fatigue Testing Machine under OH-31 Department of Mechanical Engineering on Proprietary basis.

PAC (HPLC for Central Facility)

Bionixs India PAC (FET)

Work orders for Supply of Gold Life Anti Suicide 12” White Fan Rods

Omni Tech Repair of ME dept (PAC Order)

Supply of Consumables parts of Water Purification System Deptt. of Chemistry

Procurement under PAC/ Single tender

Annual Maintenance contract for your “High pressure Liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Supply of Consumable items exclusively for Robotic CMT System “under OH-31- Department of Mechanical Engineering Department

Service, Calibration & Annual Maintenance Contract of “Fatigue Testing 25kNMachine” of ME department for a period of one year under OH-31

Service, Calibration & up-gradation of Software of “UTM 50 kN” (Model :H50KS, Make:Tinius Olsen UK) of ME department on Proprietary basis-under OH-31

Supply and Installation of ANSYS Academic Research Software (ME & CFD) as Proprietary Item for ME Department